Install scipy and numpy in Rhino

Hi all,

After a painful process of installling numpy. I would summarize my process as below. Hope it is helpful to everyone.

  1. Download all the egss here. If the link do not work, google “numpy egg enthought”

Download all of them to your Downloads folder

  1. Follow the instruction here. Follow step 4, 5 ,6 under this link
“C:\Program Files (x86)\IronPython 2.7\ipy.exe” --install

It will return an “egginst” error. That’s because you do not have that module yet.

  1. Download ironpkg here

Copy the egginst folder to downloads

  1. Repeat step 2
  2. Modify settings in RhinoPython as step 3 in here
  1. Finally import clr, mtrand, numpy described in the link above. However, please note that this only works in Rhino5 32 bit.

By Chau Nguyen

I'm currently working as a computational designer. My present work involves writing plug-ins for Grasshopper and Dynamo, and working with existing algorithms to run optimizations, perform environmental simulations, visualize geometries, among many other things. In short, I dabble in anything under the sky that could be done with the help of computation. My background is in architecture - I am by no means a professional programmer or a mathematician. My approach to technology is from a design perspective.

Over the years, I have done a lot of research and personal trial and error to learn new technologies. Being in the pioneer cohort of my alma mater and now being a pioneer of computational design in various workplaces, I have often had to learn without much guidance. That has meant spending lots of time spent swimming in the dark sea of the internet, digging deep for gems and piecing them together for my own understanding. This learning has taken piecemeal, even scattered form. This blog will serve to store and categorize this learning, as well as structure my ongoing learning. At the same time, I wish to share, help and connect with others who may be sharing my struggles.

What I write in this personal corner of the internet will be mainly the understandings I have arrived at through personal research. If you find anything wrong, inaccurate, or unclear, please do leave a comment. I'd be delighted to learn that way. Thank you.

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